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San Diego Newborn Photographer: Why I’m Offering A Discount On Newborn Sessions To Military Families

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Just as each newcomer into the world is unique, so too, is the environment and atmosphere they’re born into. Before they know it, they’re assigned a loving family, nationality and gain many other accolades that pale into the background during such cheerful and overwhelming times. The precious little sweetheart simply seems too precious, new, and fresh to assign anything permanent to.

We instinctively want to protect these wonderful new beacons of life that seem so fragile and delicate from any harmful influences. However, given the fact that California is home to numerous well-established military bases, we are reminded that these potential harms exist and are also provided with the peace of mind that there are people fighting to keep it at bay and protect us from any danger. The people who serve our country ensure that our precious newborns can grow up in a safer country where they have the least contact with any potential dangers. We have peace of mind bestowed on us by those who work in the military.

Being situated in San Diego, I have photographed the newborns of a variety of military families. I have heard each of their unique stories, both cheerful and harrowing alike. I’ve seen them looking on with love and hope in their eyes as they watch their little sweetheart being photographed. I take such pride in providing these brave people with little snapshots of joy and cheer that they can keep forever. I hope to provide them with not only the perfect images but with gratitude and respect. I often feel like this does not suffice in effectively expressing my appreciation for these families and my thankfulness for the sacrifices that they make for our safety.

It is due to this sentiment that I have decided to offer a discount for the many military families around San Diego. I hope to ease their process of welcoming their little sweetheart into the world by lessening any stress they may be under and let it be known that they will be in an accepting and thankful environment throughout the newborn session. By offering this discount I hope that military families can avail of the joy that is undertaking a newborn session, and only have the love and cheer they feel heightened to a whole new level.

I also believe that incorporating props such as a military hat or stripes into some of the photos can work as a charming tribute to the family's militaristic roots.

So, please don’t hesitate to let me know if you work at one of the many military bases. I will do my utmost to ease your stresses during this time by helping to facilitate the process of organizing and planning a newborn session. Hopefully this allows you to focus more on what really matters, your little precious bundles and the newly formed bonds that will never be broken.

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