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Specilizing in Newborn and Children Portrait Sessions, Family and Maternity Photography, Events and Holiday Photography in San Diego

Andriana Dyakova

My name is Andriana and I am a maternity and newborn photographer with a studio located in Vista, serving areas San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

Photography has almost always been a passion of mine. It really began following my high school graduation when I began to pursue Public Relations and Graphic Design. I’ve always loved graphic design, and it was something that not only was I interested in, but I was good at.

I’ve always loved little kids and working with them. When my daughter was born, I found myself taking pictures and videos of her every chance I got. I wanted to capture every moment, every giggle, all of it. She was growing up so fast and I knew I wanted to photograph everything I could and keep those memories forever. I probably have thousands of pictures in my archives just of her. When I had my son a few years later, I found myself doing the same thing. I fell in love with photography.


My family and I moved to the States in 2011. As my kids began to get older and I had some more time on my hands, I bought a high end camera and began to take online photography courses. I learned the basics, and those basics took me a long way. I started with photographing landscapes and nature, and soon after realized that I wanted to work with babies. I began to work at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital - where I learned how to safely handle babies alongside posing and photographing babies. I took even more courses and I practiced by taking photos of my friends' babies, and then formally created a business.


Initially, I only meant for it to be a hobby and I couldn’t have imagined that my business would get this far. I love my job so much and it’s become a significant part of my life and identity. Being able to combine my knowledge of graphic design and my passion for photography has opened an amazing creative outlet for me. Every photo session is a chance to explore and try something new. Every baby is unique and there’s such a special essence to every single photograph that is different from all of the rest.


I have photographed over 1000+ newborns and 500+ maternity shoots. I’ve accumulated a number of awards: Best Newborn Photographer (2019-2023 and counting!), 1st Place International Child Photographers Award Competition (@icpaward, Honored as One of 100 Best Newborn Photographers in the World, and Top 5 Best Newborn Photographers in San Diego! I am fully insured and licensed to work with newborn babies, so I can assure you that your precious bundle of joy is in safe hands.


Alongside being a photographer, I am now beginning a new chapter in my business, and I am planning to use my love for photography to encourage and help other aspiring photographers follow their dreams! I am so grateful for everyone I’ve worked with and I cannot wait to watch my business flourish and meet new people!

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