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San Diego Newborn Photographer: Family Pictures Are Important During Newborn Photography Sessions

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

They say that expecting parent’s lives are never the same once their precious little bundle makes its debut in the world. Despite all the preparation, nesting, reading of baby care books, and doting advice from thoroughly experienced parents – the huge shift in lifestyle is inevitable. They simply enter into a new realm called parenthood, and once in, they never really ever leave again. And why would they want to? Their baby brought with it, limitless love, unbridled pride, and another bit of beauty into the world.

Priorities change, thoughts change, what was once spare time now becomes newborn time. It’s as though the earth has shifted on its axis. Everything for these new parents is not the same as before, while the world continues on as normal outside. Not only will new parents be bombarded with an array of experiences that were once unbeknownst to them, but they’ll also view their surroundings in a new light. And if you’re wondering how I’m so sure about this, you only have to observe them for yourself.

There’s certainly a fresh look in their eyes, one which expresses both overwhelming feelings of love, pride and confusion alike. Underlying this is a clear essence of serenity that simply emanates from first-time parents as they gaze lovingly at their new little bundle. It is this exact look that I wish to capture for time to come. The opportunity to neatly package this ethereal aura and salient love into an image is one that I do not take lightly. The thought of parents lighting up with the same familiar and exhilarating feelings every time they see their family portraits motivates me to be the best family photographer I can be. It is simply too big of an honor to have been chosen to capture these first family newborn photos, I could never do a lackluster job.

Another aspect of newborn sessions that I enjoy is that the needn’t only include the newborn and parents – elder siblings can also take part as well. I see this as a sibling bonding experience. Having something tangible that includes an elder sibling can better help them to understand how this newborn fits into the family and who exactly this new mysterious bundle is. Capturing images of affection between the adorable newborn and their older siblings is always a source of such joy for me. The natural bond between siblings always expresses itself so naturally in front of the camera and it truly shows in the beautiful final images. Throughout the session, I am not only trying to capture the perfect pictures but also create lasting memories for both the parents and siblings alike. I strive to create something lasting, to capture those tender and delicate emotions that arrive upon the arrival of a newborn.

So, never hesitate before getting the whole family involved in a newborn photography session. When everyone is involved, the images become cherished family heirlooms of precious memories to look back on whenever you wish.

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