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San Diego & Orange County Newborn Photographer: Tips To Prepare For Newborn Session

What a time of joy and love! Your new little fresh bundle has arrived into the world and you want to cherish every moment of it. I’m equally in awe every time I am asked to share in this precious time by being asked to capture it. Every experience has been unique and entirely enjoyable but there are some little guidelines that can make the newborn session smoother for everyone involved and most importantly – kinder on your delicate little newborn!

Turn up the heat.

Sadly, we can’t keep our little ones little forever, we have to get those photos in early! From 5 to 10 days old is the recommended window for taking newborn photos. And of course, newborns of this age are just that little bit more sensitive to their surroundings and require a little extra care so turning your thermostat up a few notches just an hour before the sessions is highly recommended. After being so bundled up and toasty for so long, it may come as a shock to your newborn during the shoots where they are not so bundled up! Not to mention that the extra heat will keep them fast asleep throughout the shoot – and we can easily stick through the sauna and sweat to get those perfect newborn


Let there be light!

Don’t forget to throw open those curtains and pull up those blinds to let in some natural light! This natural light allows me to determine the best location in your home to host the session in.

Let loose.

Please untighten any of your baby’s swaddles or clothes prior to the session. This will help your little one to acclimatize before the shock of being naked for the session!

A well-fed sleeping beauty is a happy beauty.

The majority of the images I take throughout newborn sessions work out best when the newborn is in a deep sleep. I know this is no easy feat but try feeding and winding your newborn 15 minutes before the session to give them time to settle. Maybe arrange put-down times so that your sleepy little bundle will be ready to heavily snooze throughout the newborn session.


Tying into the previous recommendation – it’s best that the house is kept peaceful with minimum noise levels. Including older siblings in the photos is such a beautiful way to encourage bonding but this can oftentimes come with a lot of hustle and bustle! I recommend that any siblings be included in the shot during the initial or final stages of the shoot to ensure the least hassle.

And finally … Patience.

Newborns are entirely new to this whole world and haven't quite picked up on photography etiquette just yet and that’s completely fine – most of us never do! A session can last up to two hours depending on whether or not the baby is feeling camera ready. Maybe they can’t sleep, perhaps they have a slight tummy ache; whatever it is, it’s no problem. Please know that you can intervene whenever you wish as your baby’s safety comes first and foremost always. Also, not to offend, there may also come a time when I will have to ask you to step away from the session momentarily as a baby is naturally drawn towards its mother’s smell. I’ll use this time to get your precious little bundle into a sweet/sleepy mood before you can come right back onto the scene!

Please let me know if you have any further questions and I’d be happy to alleviate any of your newborn photography session worries! Can’t wait to see you and your little sweetheart!

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