The Magic Of A Newborn Session

When a new life is brought into the world, it appears that light shines a little brighter, colors more florid, and the air crisper. The newborn brings with it heightened senses for its adoring parents. There’s a certain artistry to this change, a type of newfound creativity. And, of course, you’ve got to be creative with a newborn – they’re completely unique after all. This freshness just so happens to bring a flurry of new challenges that can lead to a somewhat frantic and fast-paced atmosphere.

Working alongside this whirlwind is the calmness and adoration that love brings. The peacefulness of knowing that the unbreakable bond of unconditional love has been formed. Not to mention that newborns can have an air of permanent serenity to them at times. It is this contrasting atmosphere, so full of emotion and awe that makes newborn photography so interesting. By truly soaking up the aura of the newborn, seeing the beaming faces of the parents intermingled with jittery nerves as they watch their little precious bundle be photographed is what allows for the perfect photography conditions. I can be sure of getting the perfect photos as long as I am sensitive to my surroundings and aware of the exact spirit that permeates the entire proceedings.

And this is where props become my trusted assistant! Props have seen me through thick and thin, they’ve adorned many of photos and have helped bring out the biggest smiles on people’s faces. To put it simply, a prop can completely change an image. Whatever the prop, it can help me to fully express the idea and themes behind the photos. Of course, the little sweetheart is the centerpiece of the newborn photo, but these props are just the cherry on top! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t immediately start oohing and awing at the sight of an adorable newborn kitted out in graceful or humorous props?

I recently had the honor of photographing a lovable little 10 day, Milana. Milana was an absolute pleasure to shoot, not only because she was a photogenic sweetheart but also because she decided to catch up on some sleep throughout the shoot! She absolutely blessed me with her peaceful essence, allowing me to change her props with ease and find exactly what suits her best. Milana’s session was simply magic and perfectly encapsulated that ‘newborn feel’ with a soothing lavender background that almost appears to give the images and enchanting quality. The smooth background could only be paired with such equally graceful and elegant props that I dare say Milana wore as though she was made for them! Whether it was the creamy flowery headbands intermixed with colorful flowery spurts or the regal stack of pearls strewn delicately across Milana, these newborn images are awe-inspiring.

What made capturing these moments so much more personal and precious to me was that I had only weeks before undertaken a maternity session with Milana’s mother. I can’t believe just how wonderful it is to be a part of these early and precious moments of such a beautiful and kind family. It is exactly this honor that made my heart beam with pride and joy upon hearing that the parents simply loved the photos taken during the newborn session. I hope to be able to spread this joy even further by helping other parents and their precious little bundles to freeze a few moments in time during such busy times!


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