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San Diego & Orange County Newborn Photographer: The Beauty In The Little Things

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Nature is awash with beautiful panoramas and gaping views. You just have to think of the grand canyon or the pyramids to understand this. We are often left in awe of these wonders simply because of their grandiose proportions and due to the fact that they’re a marvel of human creation. However, while looking out towards the bigger things, we tend to forget that some of the best things come in small packages.

There does come a time however, in which all this beauty seems condensed into a small little part of the world, if even for a short time. When a new little human arrives into the world it is as though the sun shines solely on them for that exact moment; elucidating their most precious and delicate features. We can’t help but focus on every little detail of our precious little bundle, we simply eat them up with our eyes. It is as though we think we must remember every minute detail of our little sweethearts, and we certainly do!

Whether it be light dimples surrounding their puckered little lips, or a slight residual wrinkle on their forehead due to their delightfully plump baby skin, it simply can’t be missed and seems like the most important thing to have ever graced this earth. And how lovely that feeling is, how full of pride and love those blessed parents must feel. Naturally, the feeling of not wanting to miss a moment also arises when we lovingly gaze at our newborns. We know that the fact of life is that they must grow and bloom into their own little human, but right now we just want to freeze those little features in time and carry them with us everywhere.

It is because of this exact sentiment that I absolutely adore taking macro photos of newborn's delicate little features. I strive to show the beauty in the smaller things, I want to capture exactly how each soft line, smooth bump, or adorable wrinkle on a newborn can express the wonder of nature and the essence of bringing a fresh new life into this world.

Therefore I am receptive when a beaming parent tells me exactly what parts of their precious little bundle makes them melt. When they point out exactly what features they wish to freeze forever to gaze at lovingly despite the passing of time, I know just what to do.

So, do not hesitate to ask me to take macro photos of whatever it is you cherish about your little one. My heart simply fills with joy when I see parent's faces light up upon seeing the photos of exactly what they love. They’ll never again have to feel like they have to take it all in at once ever again now that they have a keepsake that they can bring with them anywhere and see whenever they please. I hope this allows them to look upon their precious little bundle with greater ease and even more love than ever before.

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