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San Diego Newborn Photographer: My Wonderful Experience Being a Newborn Photographer for Twins.

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Since the dawn of the camera, there have been people of all ages eager to hop in front of its lens and have themselves captured for all eternity. Of course, this stretched to group photos and family photos which inevitably included newborn babies. Perhaps we could pinpoint these family photos as the first semblance of newborn photography, but the true newborn photography era had finally and firmly landed with the arrival of the revered Anne Geddes to the scene.

Not only did Geddes completely change the world’s approach to newborn photography with her humorous and delightfully creative sets - she succeeded in perfecting the multiple baby photoshoot. Not an easy task mind you! Despite any ideas that you might have about double cuteness (though this is true,) photographing newborn twins or triplets can be a challenging task. Maybe it was the flowerpots in a row shoots or peas in a pod sessions that made Geddes’ multiple babies shoots so wonderful. Perhaps it was Geddes’ inherent creativity, mastery of the camera and understanding of babies. I like to think it was both.

So, what’s so challenging about it you might ask? I’m glad you asked! You see, we all can admit that newborns are a sleepy bunch and they get a free pass with all that tiresome growing they have to do! However, it’s still rare that a precious little bundle who’s just been introduced to the world is ever going to stay completely still. Just too much to do and explore! Put two or three of these little bundles together and you’ve got a lot of work on your hands. Not to mention that twin’s unbreakable bond is formed since birth and they will forever naturally work together before any outside prompting. All of these effects together can involve a lot of adjustment, coaxing, and pleading during a shoot, and if I am to be completely honest, I love every single second of it.

I am fortunate enough to often have the opportunity to photograph newborn twins. So, often in fact, that I have compiled a huge collection of props over the years – always being sure to get two of everything whenever possible because what’s cuter than matching or similar props for twins? What’s more, is that there is a whole new vast array of poses that twins can achieve. All the while emanating a cuddly and cozy aura as they snuggle closer to each other. You see, the challenge is always worth it upon seeing the pride and overflowing love coming from the parents for their beautiful bundles during the shoot. The true final reward is seeing that look once again as they gaze upon the completed images of their little ones.

For this reason, I am delighted every time parents mention that they are expecting twins and honored when they choose me to take their first professional newborn pictures. I hope to do them justice and capture the essence of just how charming, new, loving, and innocent that double trouble can be.

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