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Honored with Certificate of Achievement in the International Child Photographers Award competition

When I first started my career as a photographer, I did it for the passion I had in being able to capture different moments and turn them into something beautiful. Photography and editing has always been something I have enjoyed, being able to do this every day with different clients throughout the county makes it even more wonderful.

My main specialty is newborn photography, this for many different reasons.

Having kids of my own, I understand the love and warmth you gain when you first receive your bundle of joy. You feel like you’re floating in outer space when you first get to hold your baby. It is always so pleasant to be able to capture your blessings moments as a newborn because trust me, they fly by faster than you think. The happiness and thankfulness I receive in return is always one of the best parts. It’s amazing to see how the most simple things can bring someone so much happiness and gratefulness. I become very thankful that I am able to give someone their memories that they will cherish forever.

Let’s be honest, babies are some of the most adorable gifts from earth. Their tiny arms, and little feet are the cutest thing ever. Their peacefulness when they sleep, it brings you an essence of contentment regardless of whether it’s your baby or not. Each and every baby is so precious and I am so grateful for being able to work with wonderful amazing families throughout my career.

I’ve been honored with Certificate of Achievement in the International Child Photographers Award competition - Grand Prize Winner.

The Grand Winner is selected from among all of the pictures entered during the given Entry Period.

I’m so thankful for all the families who have trusted me with their little bundles of joy and for all the moms who chose me to capture their maternity memories. My success comes from working with you. I adore creating memories that you will cherish forever. I love being a part of the happiness and joy of your life with your new baby.

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