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Best San Diego & Orange County Newborn Photographer: Tips For Choosing A Newborn Photographer

So, you’re either expecting or have just had a new baby. The first thing that’s in order is a huge congratulations! The second order is to get down to business and get things planned. And only new parents could tell you how much there is to plan. A checklist as long as both your arms, to be exact.

Bibs, strollers, stockpiling nappies, feeds, names, cots – it can get overwhelming fast. However, sitting somewhere along that list is usually “Newborn Photos.” There’s a certain few weeks after a little bundle comes into the world that they’re simply delightfully all “baby.” Curled up, barely open eyes, soft, new, altogether very snuggable. Capturing that essence is what newborn photographers are all about.

As you can guess, finding the right photographer for you, your family, and your newborn takes a lot of research. There are so many newborn photographers in San Diego, CA and Orange County, CA to choose from. So, there are some things to consider before picking out your chosen one. To make the selection process faster for you during this busy time, here are some essential factors to consider when picking a newborn photographer!

Baby safety – photographer experience matters

When it comes to your precious bundle, only the most experienced and trained will do! A less professional newborn photographer may not know how to properly position a newborn and could them pain or unnecessary damage by positioning them wrong – the last thing we want.

In fact, an inexperienced photographer may not even be aware that some popular newborn positions are achieved by keeping hands on the baby at all time and strategically editing two composite photos together.

So, adequate experience is vital for your baby's safety, your peace of mind, and photo quality.

Photographer’s style

Some newborn photographers specialize in posed newborn photos, while others are more geared towards natural/lifestyle newborn sessions.

Decide what's right for you, and find a newborn photographer who’s profile suits your preference. You may waste time by enquiring with a photographer who does not cater to your preferences, and the result could be low-quality photographs.

Does the photographer provide props?

Many newborn photographers will have a well-established collection of props such as bows, baskets, blankets, and other little decorative titbits they’ve collected over their careers. It’s worthwhile asking a photographer if they’re able to provide these props for your newborn.

However, if you plan on using your own props, this consideration isn’t necessary. You just need to ask if the photographer will be comfortable with you kitting out your newborn with your own props.

Does the photographer do in-home sessions?

It’s natural to want to keep your newborn close to home; exposing them to unfamiliar surroundings is often overwhelming for both baby and parents alike. For some families, this is even preferable due to siblings, transport options, and much more. There's simply more control over the home session and a more personal feel to the resulting photos.

However, if you’re looking for a more clear-cut look, it might be best to opt for a studio session. Most photographers will do everything in their power to keep both you and your newborn safe and happy no matter what you choose; however, some photographers only do in-studio newborn sessions.

So, it’s definitely worth asking about.

Does the photographer provide digital files?

Perhaps you want vast portrait images of your newborn to frame and decoratively hang around your home. Perhaps you just want to share your pictures with family and friends online. Maybe it’s both!

Most photographers now offer digital files of your newborn’s images, which they can email to you to use as you please. However, some still don’t fully operate online yet, so it’s worth asking if online images are an available option before going ahead with a booking.

Budget expectations

All parents have a price-range, and some parents may be more price-conscious than others. Either way, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the best treatment. Start by making a list of your requirements and find photographers that fulfill them. All that’s left to do then is research and compare their prices before finding the photographer that won’t break your bank!

Read the reviews

And last, but not least … reviews. There’s no better way to anticipate what your experience with a photographer will look like than by reading how their previous clients' experiences.

Picking the right newborn photographer is a delicate process, but that doesn’t mean it has to be stressful. Keep the above steps in mind and you’ll be one step closer to finding the best newborn photographer for you and your newborn in no time!

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