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Best San Diego & Orange County Newborn Photographer: Fall babies are a blessing

Fall babies are a blessing. Right around Autumn and it’s beauty. Who doesn’t love observing the beautiful leaves falling from the trees, plants changing into colorful works of art before disappearing? The vulnerable and bare branches that hold the scenery all together underneath. Fall is one of the best seasons, and newborn babies only make it better!

As a newborn photographer, I love photographing babies throughout all and any times of the year. Every time and season has its own beauty that you can do something completely unique with. There’s blooming flowers in the spring, beaches in the summer, Autumn leaves and pumpkins in the fall, and snow and (for some) Christmas in the winter.

Since it is currently fall, I’m often photographing more fall base theme photoshoots, which has been a joy and some of my favorites! Autumn provides so much elegance and makes for beautiful photographs in the end.

A reoccurring thing you can often find in a few of my photographs is pumpkins! I have found a delight in using them and incorporating them into my sessions this season and I have absolutely no regrets.

Babies and pumpkins are a great mix. The beautiful Autumn colors reflect beautifully on the skin. Fall is the time for pumpkin spice, long sleeves, and leaf piles. Not only do the pumpkins add a great touch to your baby’s newborn session, but a cute outfit to go with is only makes it better!

Fall is all about being thankful, so what better way to show it than having a newborn fall photoshoot? I offer a variety of different selections for backdrops and baby poses that look beautiful no matter the baby.

Not only do I offer various selections for backdrops and baby poses, but I also provide some of the cutest outfits to tie it all together! Both for baby boys, and for girls.

If you are expecting a fall baby or have already been giving your fall blessing, hiring a professional newborn photographer for your baby’s newborn fall photoshoot is decision you won’t regret gives you memories you will cherish forever!

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