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Best San Diego Newborn Photographer: Why the hospital newborn photographer is not the best option?

Although bringing a child into the world is one of the most beautiful things, it puts you in one of the most vulnerable positions. Before, during, and after. Many hospitals offer a newborn photographer which stops room to room sometimes only hours after birth. While many are tempted to capture their newborn babies precious photographs, a hospital photographer is not the best option.

Limited time frame in the hospital rooms

Photographers in the hospital are given a limited time frame before they have to go to the next room, only around 30 minutes. When posing, quality, and timing is taken into consideration, this is not enough. Work produced under this time is often not of quality and is very rushed. This tends to leave customers disappointed and unsatisfied with their purchase. When hiring a professional newborn photographer, you are given the choice of props, poses, and backdrops. As well as a sufficient amount of time to capture as many photographs as possible to choose from and edit.

Pictures given are not creative

Newborn props are not provided, and most pictures are taken on the hospital bed. If simplicity is your go to, this may not bother you too much. However, the pictures do not tell a story. They are not professionally taken. Oftentimes, many photographers snap a few pictures and then move on to the next room to do the same. There is no guarantee that the posing will look nice and that the photographer will be able to find a way to capture the beauty all together. Many photographers that you hire outside of hospital have their own creative styles. This allows for creativity to your desire, rather than limited selections.

No artistically edited pictures

The pictures that you purchase from these photographers are not properly or artistically edited. They may have few to none touch ups and turn out unprofessionally done. Many tend to look as if they could be taken from an iPhone and only touched up with basic features. You will not have this issue with a professional photographer. Professional newborn photographers, like myself, take the time to edit and provide you with the most beautifully crafted product that we can to ensure your satisfaction.

Hair and make up

After birth, many mothers haven’t had the chance to shower and rest when these photographers step in. Their hair is still messy from the birthing process, oftentimes mothers feel drained and tired, just not ready to be photographed. When hospital photographers take your photos, you won’t feel at your best, and this leaves room for disappointment. In this case, a professional newborn photographer will avoid this. At home you will have time to rest, do your hair, and get ready to your liking. You will be feeling a lot better and ready at home rather than the hospital.

Siblings cooperate much better at home

In the event that you have multiple children you would like to incorporate into a family session, they would cooperate much better at home, throughout the hospital there is much tension. It is much easier to ask for cooperation in an environment that your kids would feel most comfortable with, such as at home.

Photographers experience level

Many hospital photographers are not of high experience. They have not taken courses for photographing, do not have their own professional cameras, and do not do well with editing. Professional newborn photographers fill this criteria. They have taken various courses to receive a license, as well as had much practice in photography and beautiful newborn portfolio. It is more likely to find satisfaction when working with them, and receive a much better quality product.

Moments to cherish forever

When you are asked if you would like to be photographed by a hospital photographer, it is important to think through all of the elements. Remember that these are moments to cherish forever, and quality and satisfaction, as well as professionalism is key when considering. What do you want your pictures to look like. It’s important to make the right decision for yourself.

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