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Best San Diego Maternity Photographer: My Top Three Park Locations for Maternity Pictures

San Diego is known for it’s beautiful sights and variety of locations which offer different experiences. As a photographer, I look for the best possible scenery for my clients backdrops throughout photographs. During pregnancy, many women look to capture their last few months with beautifully portrayed images, and I offer this throughout a few of San Diego’s most beautiful recreational parks. Including Presidio Park, Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail, and Marian Bear Park.

Presidio Park is full of beautiful scenery. Including greenery, tall trees, and detailedly sculpted buildings. This location, although it has some hills, is generally easy to access. It is a popular location for photographers. For mothers who would like a maternity session full of greenery and nature, as well as architecture, I would strongly recommend choosing this location to capture these precious moments. Not only is the park full of greenery all year round, but it provides a variety of lightings which is perfect for a maternity session. The greenery brings out the beautiful tones of the glowing skin, and makes for gorgeous pictures.

In Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail, there’s a wide range of settings to photograph the beautiful mother to be. Full of beautiful sandy trails and surrounded by nature, it also is fairly easy to walk through, as it is mostly flat ground. Rocky areas create an abstract view, allowing for the mother to stand out and be in her element. It allows for colors to pop out creating some of the most alluring photos to be captured. Like Presidio, it offers a wide variety of lighting throughout the day, the best ones through the afternoon, giving a goldenly like tone to the skin. This is another amazing location for maternity photos all year round.

Lastly, Marian Bear Park. No, you will not encounter bears, however! You will find some of the most stunning trees around, all different shapes and sizes, which have grown uniquely. That’s just one of the components which make this park absolutely prepossessing. Tall grass throughout and leaves scattered on the ground during fall give off something different than most maternity photos. Most often, you will see a plain rocky or sandy ground throughout the park, not here. At Marian, you can really enjoy and capture the beauty of not only the charming mother to be, but also the enchanting background of mother nature’s creation.

Babies are one of the most beautiful gifts given through life and earth. This tied with the beauty of San Diego’s captivating nature creates for some of the most fascinating maternity photos to be seen. Most to all of my maternity sessions are shot throughout these parks, and I have absolutely no regrets!

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