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Best San Diego Maternity Photographer: Tips to Prepare For Your Maternity Session

While maternity sessions can be a wonderful way to capture the beauty of your pregnancy, you have a limited amount of time to do so, and there’s a lot to take into consideration.

The average pregnancy is around 37-40 weeks, it is important to book your maternity session before this to avoid a harder time moving around the desired location, the possibility of falling into labor before your session, as well as to ensure your comfort throughout the session. The best time for this is 28-32 weeks. It is important to book your session a couple weeks ahead of this time to secure a spot on your photographers calendar. Try not to wait until the last minute! You may also ask your photographer about any questions you may have or ask them to provide you with further suggestions.

This pregnancy will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. When booking a maternity photo session, it is also important to plan your hair and makeup ideas ahead of time to be organized. Many photographers suggest hiring a professional makeup artist and hairdresser to prepare you for your photoshoot. While there is no incorrect way to do makeup and hair, professionals usually know what is best when it comes to photoshoots. A hairdresser and makeup artist can help to create even more beautiful pictures. They have worked with many clients and many are experienced on doing make up for photoshoots. While this is not required, there is no harm in taking it into consideration.

Sentimental items add a comforting touch to many maternity sessions. Many mothers-to-be like to bring ultrasound pictures, baby shoes, or even their pregnancy test to capture a few shots with their adorable bump. This adds a unique and personalized character to your photographs.

Photographers do not have control over the weather or lighting. It is important to dress in simple and neutral colors to allow for your pictures to look coordinated, especially if you are including pictures with family into your session. You don’t want the color schemes to look messy, this begins to defeat the purpose of a professionally photographed maternity session.

While waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive, this is not just an exciting time for the mother, but also your partner and siblings, if any. Having additional photographs with family will also make these memories extra special not only for them, but for yourself as well.

When you are relaxed during your session this allows for the perfect pictures. Be sure to smile a lot, enjoy yourself, and allow yourself to be beautiful. Let go of any stress and absorb the moment, and your session will run smoothly!

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