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San Diego & Orange County Newborn Photographer: Your Sweet and Safe Newborn Session

Your baby's safety while I photograph him or her is my first priority. As a newborn photographer, I truly have the best job in the world! I adore capturing these precious little bundles of joy with my camera and creating images that you will treasure forever. Newborns are sweet, tiny little humans with their own big personalities. They can’t speak for themselves yet, but they do express their comfort level during photo time. My extensive experience with handling, posing and photographing even the tiniest of infants can give you peace of mind: Your infant will be in the very best of hands as I capture some of the beautiful early moments of their new life with you. There are so many newborn pose ideas online: You’ve seen many of them in my portfolio. Some of the shots are adorable, but difficult to achieve. Following safe posing techniques and considering the baby’s mood is important! I constantly monitor each baby’s comfort level during the photo session. If your baby seems visibly uncomfortable or begins crying, I will move on to a different pose. I will never put a baby in an uncomfortable position or force a pose on them. Each baby is different; and the baby will dictate how the session proceeds. Their safety and comfort comes first! Some babies like being curled up in a sweet tummy pose, while others love stretching their arms and legs. They are all unique! Some like to be simply swaddled, some love to be held in mommy or daddy's hands. What works for one baby might not always work for another. I'm able to be flexible, and during my career as a newborn and family photographer, I have not yet come across a newborn that was impossible to photograph! Newborn Photography is all about capturing your baby's true sweetness, personality and unique newborn appearance. There are a few tips I recommend following to ensure that the session is not only comfortable for your little sweetheart, but also runs as smoothly as possible for everyone involved. Keeping the baby safe and comfortable is the key to a successful newborn session. White noise, a warm room, a full tummy, a swaddling blanket, and of course, gentle rocking will make your bundle of joy more relaxed and calm during the session time. I am so grateful for all of the new parents and their precious bundles that bring me into their lives during such a tender and loving time. Hearing the exclamations of love and joy when seeing the finished photos is always enough to keep me motivated and ready for more sessions!

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