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The Honor of Being Named One of The Best Newborn Photographers in San Diego

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

My passion for seeing the beauty in things has been with me for as long as I can remember. Whether it be anything from a sunset to a falling leaf or how the waves turn to foam as they reach the shore - I love it all. It is from this love that another love grew – photography. Photography is my way of showing the world all of the enchanting beauty that I see in the supposedly “mundane” things around me. Through photography, I aim to capture that ethereal and timeless beauty that I believe permeates everything.

Of course, it was only natural then that I would extend my view to newborns and expecting parents. There is such natural beauty to the cycle of life. The depth of calmness, accepting, and nobility that comes with this continuation of humankind is breathtaking. I rejoice at every chance I get to capture this awe-inspiring elegance and grace, it simply fills me up with such indescribable joy. I try to seize exactly this beauty using my camera so that the final photos perfectly showcase the true nature of the continuation of life.

An expecting mother, beaming with the excitement of anticipation and overflowing with glee is just one of the sessions I am most delighted to take part in. This same mother then looking at her precious little bundle with pride written across her face some months later is an experience too magical to put into words. Then capturing every little adorable feature of this precious newborn to keep for all eternity is the cherry on top. I am honored when expecting parents ask me to be their family and newborn photographer, their trust that I will effectively capture their own and their newborn's essence is the highest compliment. I, therefore, do everything in my power to create the perfect final images that they can cherish forever.

I had the honor of recently being included in a list of the top 5 newborn photographers in San Diego and I hope it was this passion for showcasing the inner beauty and capturing the true essence of souls that put me there. I am simply overwhelmed with delight to have been chosen from the many talented newborn photographers around San Diego. To be set among the best is a wonderful compliment and has reassured me that my hard work, passion, and love can be seen through my photos.

Furthermore, I am immensely grateful for all those expecting parents and little adorable new bundles that let me into their lives during such a tender and loving time. Hearing their protestations of love and joy upon seeing their finished photos is always enough to keep me motivated and ready for more newborn sessions. It is exactly this that keeps me striving to better my newborn photography every day which is why I must thank them for helping me become the best that I can be. I hope to continue with my passion and keep extracting the true beauty out of every situation.

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