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San Diego & Orange County Maternity Photographer: Maternity photography in Fall.

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Fall is just one of those times. The once bright and vibrant leaves are becoming older, wiser, and all the more beautiful for their auburn and shades of hue. The air gets crisper around us, somehow seeming fresher. We are reminded that there’s a cycle to everything in life. And knowing that you will be soon reigning in the new year and welcoming the fresh start brings with it the prospect of a fresh little bundle of joy for some. It is this beautiful anticipation, the atmosphere of reflection, and changing of nature that makes fall such a perfect time for maternity shoots.

There is a reason why an increasing amount of expecting parents are availing of maternity photographers. As a mother’s body changes throughout pregnancy, she soon discovers that she is enamored with each change despite the harmless yet well-deserved complaining you might hear every now and then! She knows that’s her baby after all. Each new indication of growth, every little kick is a sign of life. These are just the first of many times in which she will feel beaming pride throughout her baby’s life. And of course, it’s only natural that a mother and father would want to capture the essence of these moments.

However, deciding how to effectively express this feeling through photography can often be hard for expecting parents. Luckily for them, the photographer will shoulder the majority of the work but there’s a comfortable middle to be found, a productive one to be more precise, where parents and photographers work together to capture the spirit of the moment with perfect accuracy.

I recently shot a fall maternity shoot in which this mutual strive for the right picture was a centerpiece of the photoshoot. Fall in San Diego, CA could be really pretty in some locations like Marian Bear Memorial Park, which we picked for this maternity session. To begin, the beautiful couple arrived in matching outfits. When done right, matching outfits can appear just delectable once photographed and create the aura of ‘togetherness’ and ‘solidarity’ which is wonderful to see in maternity shoots. The expecting parents were delightfully gleeful throughout the entire session – imparting a sense of brimming joy and unbridled anticipation for the arrival of their little one. Furthermore, the couple were thoughtful about their chosen props for their shoot, bringing along adorable yet significant baby shoes and ultrasound pictures.

The expecting parent’s love for their not-yet arrived bundle of joy was palpable and naturally, this showed in the photos. They fully understood that the meaning behind a maternity session is not just to capture photos of the bump (though that’s certainly important!) but to capture the moment, the mood, the feeling – the anticipation for the cycle of life to begin once again.

So, if you think a fall maternity photography session is for you, there’s no need to worry. What really matters is that you are at ease. That you include props and features that are meaningful to you on your maternity journey. Maybe you even just want to let the leaves around be your only decoration. Either way, cherish the moment.

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