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Best San Diego Newborn Photographer: How Do I Keep My Newborn Calm During Their Newborn Session?

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Photography sessions can be delicate processes at the best of times. Even the most comfortable photogenic person can tire of the posing and long hours. It’s only natural then, to expect some squirminess and discomfort from some of the most squirmy humans on the planet – newborns!

Of course, however, your bundle of joy will never disappoint. Through all of my years as a newborn and family photographer, I have not once come across a newborn that was impossible to shoot. Newborn Photography is all about capturing their true aura and love after all. This said, there are certainly some recommended guidelines to follow to ensure the session is not only comfortable for your little sweetheart but also runs as smoothly as possible for everyone involved. Having picked up on advice and tidbits over my years as a photographer, I’ve garnered a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. Here are just a few of those things to get you started!


• White noise has been shown to soothe most newborns due to its similarity to the noise heard within the womb. Consider playing some calming white noise around your newborn before or during the session to put them in their zen zone.

• Be sure your newborn has a full belly but not too filled! Try to ensure that your newborn has been both fed and burped before the session so that there’ll be no blips throughout the session.

• No one likes doing anything tired and this, of course, stands for newborns as well! Give your baby the gift of an easy-breezy photography session by laying them down for a nap an hour prior to the session.


• Swaddling: By swaddling your baby in anything from a swaddling blanket to a newborn wrap, you can be sure that they’ll be asleep within 30 minutes. Due to most newborn sessions preferably being done while the precious little bundle is snoozing away – this is a highly recommended practice.

• Gentle rocking: Where else would a newborn rather be than in the arms of their mother? Of course, you can intervene at any time if you wish to soothe your little sweetheart. Your newborn comes first and tending to them will not come in the way of the session. The more calm and relaxed your precious bundle is, the better.

• Keep the room warm: Consider turning up the notch of the heater for a while. The majority of newborns will be just as they came into the world throughout the session! So, to ensure that they’re not too cold, don’t hesitate before cranking that dial up – we can all deal with the heat for the perfect pictures!

Most of all – it’s important that you don’t worry. Bringing a calming energy to the session and thus your newborn will show them that there’s nothing to fret about. Be sure to enjoy the session and remember that it doesn’t need to be completely perfect. Newborn photography is about capturing the unique love and beauty that every newborn brings into the world with it and I plan on doing just that!

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