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San Diego & Orange County Newborn Photographer: Capturing The Wonder Of Newborns In Troubling Times

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

We’re living in incredibly strange times. It seems as though the world has been turned inside out and nothing is the same. Everywhere we look there’s a new revelation, a new thing to be afraid of and something to worry about.

In trying times like these it’s worth remembering that there’s life coming into the world. Every three seconds a new soul arrives onto our planet and brings with it fresh hope. If we can help it, this life can bloom into something beautiful – something worth fighting for.

I’m acutely reminded of this during my most recent newborn photo shoots. The feeling of anticipation, renewal, awe – it’s all there, just the same as before. The cycle of life never stops turning after all, despite even a pandemic’s efforts.

This was particularly clear to me during my photoshoot with the delightful Meadow. At only 12 days old, it’s easy to say that this little lady is completely new to the world. Meadow was an absolute wonder to photograph, she was oh so sweet and obliging, almost seeming to understand she was in the spotlight – the camera just loved her.

But it wasn’t hard to love Meadow, she was quiet and peaceful throughout the entire shoot. She put me at ease throughout the entire shoot, almost posing so that I could get the perfect shot – her very essence just leaped out of her and onto the lens.

Meadows adoring parents made the thoughtful and stylish decision to dress her in a white lace romper with a cream flower headband for some of her images. For others, they made the equally adept choice to wrap Meadow up in a blush pink wrap paired with wistful butterfly accessories. I could’ve just eaten her up!

Meadow may have been the star of many of the photos but when her loving big sister came onto the scene – it became a power duo. A sister act if you will! Meadow and her big sister Milan (only 4 years old!) seemed to comfort each other – there was an overwhelming sense of serenity in the room when they were together and it was clearly captured in the images.

The power of the sibling bond was almost overwhelmingly beautiful and I was eager to catch it as clearly as I could. But it was when the parents entered the picture that I felt like the scene was complete. It was as though love itself was the fifth member of the photo – it was all-encompassing.

And that’s why I do what I do. I want to capture moments of love, moments of beauty – the truth. I want to make the moment perfect so that people can look back on it for years to come with a fond heart.

This time around, I believe I did my duty well. Meadow’s parents appeared to be enamored with her photos. Hearing their approval and seeing how they cherish the images I’ve captured makes me eternally thankful to have the privilege to do what I do.

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