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Best San Diego & Orange County Maternity Photographer: It's Pumpkin Season

This Fall has provided us with many tricks but also, treats! One of which comes to the delight of me and my clients, a fall photoshoot. Autumn provides some of the most beautiful backgrounds for amusing photoshoots. The fallen leaves, orange color schemes, bare trees, and wind that flows effortlessly through the hair all come intact together as some of the most gorgeous pictures you’ve seen, and let’s not forget the pumpkins!

I recently photographed a beautiful mother-to-be in Presidio Park among the beautiful scenery, pumpkins, and leaves for her maternity shoot (as she requested). It was something I had not done before for a maternity shoot before. However it was definitely an astonishing experience and worth the try! Her pictures came out wonderful! The combination of the gentle Autumn winds flowing graciously through her hair, the lowlights of orange tones of the sun beaming on the face, and the beautiful fall scenery tied in to create one of my favorite and most astonishing shoots by far! The pumpkins added a great touch to the images and really pulled it all together.

Autumn is one of the best times to take maternity pictures for those expecting around the months of late September through early December. The thought of the warming sun, light winds, the orange and yellow colors, pumpkins and Autumn's beauty itself makes it delightful to think about! Fall colors often agree with a neutral style and a cheer personality, which is what my maternity sessions are all about, capturing these beautiful and cheerful memories!

If you are someone who loves Fall, flowing hair and the beautiful fall colors (as well as pumpkins) I would highly recommend booking your Fall photos with me! With a guarantee of beautiful photos, and happy smiles all around.

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