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Best San Diego Newborn Photographer: Organic & Natural Newborn Photography: Peace In A Hectic World

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

We have a habit of getting swept away with the world, don’t we? It seems like everywhere we look, there’s a new tidbit of information, a different sound, or someone trying to get in touch with us. Where before, taking a retreat was as simple as closing your front door behind you and taking the phone off the hook, it’s all gotten a little more complicated lately.

I find myself rushing from pillar to post, only ever really stopping to appreciate the life and beauty in front of my camera as I press capture. It helps me to understand why people are increasingly turning towards minimalism and simplicity when everything around them is action and color.

Therapeutic photography

In essence, my profession is making the hectic world stand still for one moment so that people can cherish that time forever. So, I like to think that photography sessions are a time for reflection and thought. A moment for everyone involved to catch their breath, reset, and get ready to go again.

But not everyone complies!

However, babies wriggle. They cry. Sometimes they just don’t want to stay still; other times, it’s all they’ll do. And we love them for it. Even then, their unpredictableness is always a nice contrast to the crazy of the world. They remind us that the hustle-bustle can slow down every now and then, that we’re in control of it.

And that’s fine

They come into this world as a nice little package, perfect in every way and bursting with new life. Their new life gives us new life. New perspective. Sometimes it can make the changing trends, fads, and constant controversy seem insignificant. Here’s all the mayhem you’ll ever need wrapped up in front of you in a cute little bundle. They’re magnificent.

Shades of neutral & natural

It makes the rise of neutral color palettes in newborn photography all the more understandable. This unembellished, uncomplicated, and effortless look is timeless. No matter what comes or goes, the neutral look is always “in.”

Plus, the understated hues bring the little wonder to the forefront of the image; the eyes aren’t drawn to anything other than the newborn. I’ve also heard from plenty of clients that these calm, organic, and natural tones always look fantastic proudly hung up on their home’s walls.

Samira’s wonderful all-neutral shoot

I recently had the joy of shooting a newborn session where the background, props, and clothing were all of an elegantly neutral style. Lovely Samira’s parents had decided that she deserved to be the only focus of her photos, and it worked. Samira simply shone through her photos. She didn’t need any props and trinkets; she alone was enough to grab any eye and hold it with her immense adorableness. Just captivating!

Lovely little Samira doesn’t know it yet, but she slept through her entire session, was a delight to shoot, and produced wonderful photos! A veritable bundle of love!

And her parents seem to think the same. They were delighted with the outcome and for the chance to see their precious little girl and all her true ethereal newborn glory – beautiful.

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