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Best San Diego Maternity Photographer: My Top Three Beach Locations for Maternity Pictures

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

During pregnancy, for many women, it is difficult to embrace the new changes throughout and within their bodies. As a photographer, I find a passion and beauty in photographing the essence of pregnancy before bringing a beautiful life to the world, as well as allowing the mother-to-be to glow confidently in her skin and love every detail of herself.

Beaches often offer a pleasant and charming domain which ties in every aspect of my shoots and photographs captured all together. Luckily for me and my clients, San Diego offers many distinct beach locations to choose from. Coronado Beach, Windansea Beach, and The Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier in La Jolla are a few of the most enchanting locations for these shoots, as well as allowing for the perfect turn out of beautifully captured and charismatic memories.

At Coronado Beach, the sand dunes full of native flowers with scattered ice plants and greenery provide one of the most beautiful sceneries. During sunset, when the sky is partially cloudy and there are light winds, the lighting provides a beautiful glow to the skin and figure, while winds give a beautiful flow of the hair and attire you choose to attend your shoot with. Photographs captured by the water throughout sunset capture a radiant, glowing light emanating along the water’s horizon, allowing for the backdrop to be mesmerizing as well as bringing recognition to the beauty of the mother. The beach is widespread, which offers for much open area to choose from and a calm environment when taking pictures.

Throughout Windansea Beach you often find your attention grasped by the mesmerizing view of the landscapes, and glistening water crashing into the beautiful cliffs. One of the reasons that I admire this location so much is for the ability to capture many different poses throughout a variety of many different cliffs and sandy areas, all within a short walking distance. (Which I would hope provides a relief on the momma-to-be, because trust me, I know the struggle of walking a long distance with a large and heavy belly ahead of you!) Images come out beautifully. With a variety of landscapes to choose from, and a beautiful sunset lying beyond, a photoshoot at Windansea Beach is one you won’t regret!

The Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier in La Jolla is a charming and elegant setting, allowing for simplicity but also uniqueness. The pier provides a beautiful backdrop to maternity photos. The waves crashing into the pillars, the green algae climbing up the base, all provide for an incomparable and quintessential photography, one that will be treasured for years to come! The setting isn’t cluttered. It gives of a tranquil environment allowing for a session to surpass smoothly and result in astonishing photographs.

Being one of the best maternity photographers in San Diego, I find great satisfaction in being able to share and express my creativity with others. Throughout maternity, you build an unbreakable bond with the little one. While pregnancy may seem like a pain now, it is no different than capturing the memories of your wedding, engagement, and your baby’s newborn moments. I love being able to provide my clients with memories they can cherish forever!

I believe a beach maternity session is one of the most unique, beautiful, and capturing experiences and would strongly recommend it to an expecting mother who is looking to grasp the moments of one of the most amazing experiences this beautiful life has to offer.

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