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Best San Diego Baby Photographer: Lemonade Mini Summer Sessions

With summer in season, many things come to mind. From beaches to bathing suits, flip flops to sand, and ice cold refreshments in the hot, summer heat. One that a lot of us love at that, lemonade.

I’m sure that, growing up, many of us have at least once in our lives set up lemonade stands or bought from one. It was the perfect summer activity, and one of the simplest ways to make a couple bucks. For as long as I can remember, there was no better way to start off your summer than through one of America’s greatest traditions. Nothing says summer like an ice-cold, refreshing cup of lemonade on some of the hottest days of the year.

Although this isn’t something you commonly see through our children today, what better way to keep the tradition alive than through the memories of a lemonade stand photoshoot.

As a photographer, finding my own creative style has been trial and error through experimenting with different photoshoots, ideas, and bringing my imagination to life. One of my most successful sessions for young kids has been my seasonal minis, this including my lemonade stand shoots. Summer is the perfect time for these photoshoots. The sun is shining brightly, young children are filled with smiles and joy from excitement, and bright colors are shining all around!

Children grow up so abruptly and quickly, through the blink of an eye. Before you know it they’re all grown up and exploring the world on their own. Photographs are some of the most valued and cherished ways to look back on memories and reminisce of past times. Being a photographer, one of my favorite things is the privilege of being allowed to gift parents with these memories of their children. Knowing that simple things, such as these, can bring joy to families is one of the reasons I love my job so much.

Summertime is a great time to capture memories, and tie them together with something all of us love. A lemonade stand photoshoot allows for fun, smiles, laughter, and beautiful photographs and memories you will be able to look back on forever. While lemons can be sour, lemonade is sweet, just like your precious kids.

During the photoshoot, your child experiences the happiness and buzz of having their own lemonade stand, decorated in jars of lemonade, colorful straws, and lemonades along the perimeter of the classic wooden crate, all coming together through beautiful smiles and the gleaming summer sun!

Don’t hesitate to book your lemonade stand mini session today!

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