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San Diego & Orange County Maternity Photographer: What Makes A Beach Maternity Session So Special?

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

A trip to the beach harbors pleasant memories for the majority of people. It brings back memories of carefree days where we created hundreds of sandcastles in complete abandon while dipping in and out of the crashing waves of the water. The crisp air swept away any lingering worries and set us off again with a renewed vigor for the day and future. As we grew up, the magic remained the same. With the vast mystery and wonder of the vast sea continually calling to us with its offers of peace and serenity – it’s no surprise that many expecting parents choose the seaside as the splendid backdrop for their maternity session.

Luckily for me, San Diego is lined with beautiful beaches. An uncommon point of deliberation for many maternity photographers – I am somehow constantly conversing with expecting parents over what beach and what section of the beach to hold the maternity session on. There is, however, one thing I can almost always be certain of – the time when the shoot will take place. Just as the sun dances along the horizon, whether from one side of the day to the next, the sunlight becomes dimmer, diffused, golden, and somehow seems to hold more depth due to the long shadows that are cast from anything it shines on. These awe-inspiring times of sunset and sunrise are known as the golden hours. The dimmed light creates such beautiful and feature enhancing effects throughout every image.

I often suggest to my soon-to-be parents that they wear natural pastel colors to bring out the true Of course, it remains completely up to the parents to dress as they please for their session, it is, after all, a snapshot of the precious journey that they are traversing. I still offer some optional guidelines such as that flowy and loose clothing caught in the wind of a beach can appear gorgeous and enchanting in the final image. Not to mention that it follows a beachy and easy-going theme that many expecting parents are aiming for. Another tip is to take the unique lighting of a beach into account when deciding what hair or makeup look to go for. The intense light of a beach can lead to natural makeup looking washed out – consider trying a slightly heavier look.

As always, I have my ever-growing stash of appropriate props for all settings and this certainly also stands true for my beach sessions. Take a look into what suits you best, whether it be a classic shoot with minimal props or the whole shebang with beach balls and shell accessories – it all comes fantastic in the final images. As always, the bump and the love and pride that it brings with it are the centerpieces of every image and I strive to capture this overwhelming beauty with each and every maternity photo.

I hope to create the perfect beach maternity images for expecting parents to look back for years to come alongside their ever-growing bundle of joy. And who knows, they may eventually pinpoint those first images as the reason they are drawn to the beach someday.

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