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San Diego & Orange County Newborn Photographer: The true beauty of black & white newborn photography

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

When we think of black and white, we think of clean-cut and classic images. A glimpse at any picture is enough to inspire nostalgia for a time we did not personally know. Perhaps this is due to the added layer of depth, mystery, and sincerity that is so effectively transmitted from the sharp lines and historical look of such crisp classical photos. It’s no surprise then that this ethereal and timeless effect is being used increasingly in newborn and baby photography sessions, and I can’t hide just how excited I am about that!

Why I love using black and white photography in my newborn shoots

Despite the hustle and bustle that can be the experience a newborn precious bundle, there are those moments that you want to bottle up and store away forever to peak back on when those precious bundles have grown up. These serene moments are simply enchanting and entirely cherishable. Fortunately, black and white photography has been gaining popularity in the realm of newborn photography – allowing dotting parents to perfectly capture those moments and pour their overflowing emotions of love and awe into an image of their precious little one.

I have had the blessing of being a photographer for multiple of these shoots over my time as a newborn and maternity photographer. I have therefore witnessed just how elegantly black and white effects accentuate those awe-inspiringly small and new features of your newborn. The lines between the tiny toes, the wispy baby hairs, the cleft of a lip, the folds of skin that have yet to be filled out yet. It all becomes so clear in black and white. Those tiny seemingly insignificant features that are so adored and obvious to parents can finally be captured for all to see.

Each newborn photography session that I have taken part in has been a completely new experience, with each baby’s unique features requiring different angles and lighting. To capture those really fascinating and precious parts of your precious bundle – there are, of course, close up and zoomed-in images. Not only do these images result in being adorable, but they are also a testament to the true uniqueness of each and every newborn. From the journey of first hearing a parent's wishes to capturing the essence of their precious bundle, and then to finally handing over the images to the parents to wonder upon is truly an overwhelmingly emotional experience. All photography aims to capture a certain feeling, feature, aspect or idea, but when you are photographing a newborn you are capturing the start of a new life. And that is why I am so delighted to be able to make these photographs timeless and eternal by taking them in black and white.

So, why not consider picking a black and white newborn photography session when trying to decide what the right way to capture your precious little one. Once you see these sentimental pictures, you’ll want to hold them close to your heart forever.

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