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San Diego & Orange County Newborn Photographer: The Changing World Of Color In Newborn Photography

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

When a newborn baby girl sprouts into this world we often begin to dream in pink and sweetness. The chance to make good use of this chronically underused color arises and many parents jump at it. And why not? We want our little shining diamonds to shine even just that bit brighter, we want to wrap them up in vibrant and warm colors to herald in the gift of new life while protecting it from the outside elements. I’ve used the pinkest of pink in my shoots along with any other shade of pink that you can imagine and trust me when I say that the photos have all turned out wonderful. The animation, liveliness, and hope that they display in abundance with a little precious bundle as the centerpiece is enough to spark a flame of emotion in anyone’s heart.

However, as times continue on, as they are known to do – things change. I’ve been met with more and more parents as the years go by that wish to implement new color schemes into their sweet little newborn girl’s photoshoot. Perhaps we’re beginning to recognize what’s been there all along – a newborn’s ability to look good in any color. They truly shine through and stand out no matter what, with any shade only working to enhance and complement their adorably soft new skin. I’ve gladly adapted to this shift in preference by implementing various shades of all my favorite props into my prop collection. Pairing a statement tutu and flower headband with an understated, calm, yet stylish color scheme can really get across the serenity, peace, and love that a newborn brings with it to the world. And despite the fact that the newborn will always be the center and star of the photos, there’s something about a dim, smoothed color palette that really draws the eye to the adorable newborn.

Another aspect of newborn photography that also depends largely on the chosen color scheme is the choice of props. Props work to enhance the charming side of the photo and draw attention to the most delicate and precious details of each unique newborn. By using varying shades of the same color scheme with different props, a beautiful photo of slightly contrasting yet fully complimenting colors can be created. Whether it be using a lightly shaded tutu with a darker flowery headband or and intermix of simple yet clean ribbons and lace to drape over your peaceful little bundle, it all works towards creating the most eye-capturing and pleasing photo.

Above all, however, I wish to create an image that the parents will light up with joy upon seeing and will fill them with brimming love. So, I’m open to any color scheme suggestions and will do my best to bring forth any parent’s vision by making it real in my photos. After all, parents know their little loved one best and will know just what colors will not only suit them but express their personality for the camera and all to see!

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